Public Health - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


Welcome to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Bradford District. The JSNA provides information on the current and future health and wellbeing needs of people in Bradford District.

The JSNA comprises overarching information on the health and wellbeing needs of people in Bradford District, as well as a number of more detailed needs assessments on specific issues and population groups. Its purpose is to provide an assessment of needs to inform priorities for planning and commissioning, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing, and reducing inequalities.

The JSNA informs all of our strategies and commissioning plans; this includes the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, the District Plan, and our place based plan, Happy, Healthy and at Home.

The JSNA is made up of a number of chapters, each of which include sub-sections which describe areas of need in detail. By using the headings below you will be able to locate each sub-section. The JSNA has been compiled using a "living document" approach, meaning that updates and new contributions can be made at any time.

Director of Public Health Report

This year the annual report of the Director of Public Health is a video about putting Bradford and District on the map for better health and wellbeing.

The video is avaiable to watch here